What makes SynchroWork unique?

Sushant Kumar

Last Update 2 yıl önce

It's an interesting topic as why SynchroWork is unique as a project management tool compared to the other tools already available in the market.

Before discussing about this, let's start with the problems that we are trying to resolve which is being faced by the freelancers and agencies across the globe.

  1. There are n-number of tools available in the market which either focuses on managing project at team level or internal level and none of them provides a way clients can track the progress in a simpler way.
  2. Freelancers & small agencies face problems while managing multiple projects, clients and teams.
  3. Major Problems: timely project updates, timely invoices and reminders for payments.
  4. Scattered management as multiple tools available, but, not under the same hood.

With these problems being faced in the market, we as SynchroWork provides the solution which is agency/freelancer centric as well as clients are also given an edge to track their project progress through a mobile app.

Here's how we are unique in the project management tool segment:
  1. SynchroWork is designed for agencies and freelancers to manage multiple projects, invoices, payments, clients and teams.
  2.  Not just that, the clients are also given an edge with an Android app (iOS version to be launched) which acts as a single point of synchronization from the multiple agencies/freelancers regd. with SynchroWork.
  3.  In the coming time, SynchroWork mobile app will also allow a client to pay directly to the agency/freelancer on work completion.

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